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  • The Science

    We've developed the most revolutionary hitting training aid through the use of physics. The Hitting KnobTM allows the player to perform the proper hitting mechanics while maximizing bat speed and power. This was established by developing a weighted devise that attaches to the knob of the bat while training.

    By placing the weight on the knob end of the bat, it allows the bat to get to the proper swing path early on. This increases your angular velocity (and angular momentum) as the barrel whips through the swing zone.

    Unlike other weights on the market, the Hitting Knob decreases the moment of inertia which increases your bat speed; priming your white fast twitch muscle fibers, these fibers are essential to increasing bat speed.

    [geek-out on the science here: #1 #2 #3]

  • The Difference

    After reading several articles regarding studies showing that adding weight (donut, sleeve, etc.) to the barrel of a bat not only decreases the hitters bat speed once the weight is removed, it also creates "casting" in the swing - there was only one solution: adding weight to the knob of the bat rather than the barrel; thus the Hitting KnobTM."

    By adding weight to the knob it trains the batter to swing the knob of the bat not the barrel, keeping the hitters hands inside the baseball/softball. This allows the barrel of the bat to get on a parallel path early on and stay in the zone throughout the swing; creating a whip-like motion with the barrel.

    Having the weight on the knob of the bat ultimately increases bat speed and power once the weight is removed. Take a look at THE SCIENCE to learn more.

    Check out this article on weighting the barrel of the bat.

  • Why the Hitting KnobTM

    The Hitting KnobTM will benefit players of all ages and playing levels both in baseball and softball.


    • Develops proper swinging mechanics

    • Quickly increases bat speed and power

    • Trains the batter to swing the knob of the bat

    • Keeps hands inside the ball

    • Creates a whip-like motion in your swing

    • Allows bat to quickly get and stay in the zone

    • Keeps bat parallel to the swing zone

    • Promotes muscle memory

    • Quick and easy on/off application

    • Attaches to ALL aluminum bats

    The Hitting KnobTM can be used in EVERY aspect of offensive training (i.e., on deck circle, tee work, soft toss and cage work); or, its most unique purpose, during live batting practice, which simulates the most authentic hitting experience. The body and mind react differently to a ball in motion (being delivered/pitched) opposed to a stationary ball (tee work).

What People Are Saying About the Hitting KnobTM


Christian Vázquez | Boston, Red Sox
2016 Pre-Hitting Knob AVG: .227
2017 Post-Hitting Knob AVG: .290


"The Hitting Knob puts the weight in a place

on a bat where it makes the hitter understand the feeling of the barrel releasing at the last second. To create that feeling with a product that is easily attached to your bat benefits our hitters tremendously. The fact that you can not only take dry swings but also use it for drills when the ball is in flight and have it feel right is something that I believe is a game changer. No other product out there like it!"

- Brad Macelino, Hitting Coach | USD Baseball


“The Hitting Knob has been huge in the development
of our hitters.  We regularly use the Hitting Knob to help hitters strengthen their swing and help feel the different adjustments to improve hitting mechanics. I haven’t seen anything that is as easy to use and effective as the Hitting Knob!”
- JT Gasso, Hitting Coach 
University of Oklahoma Softball | 2017 National Champions



"The physics of the Hitting Knob are very simple. Traditional barrel loaded swing weight products increase the moment of inertia, which decreases your bat speed. Weighting the knob end of the bat decreases the moment of inertia; therefore, your bat speed can be increased."

- Daniel C., Ph.D., P.E., Mechanical Engineering



What ages is the Hitting KnobTM recommended for?

Ages 9 and up

What weight do you recommend?

General guidelines for Baseball:
9 - 12 years old / 28 - 31inch Bat Length: 8oz Youth Hitting KnobTM
13 - 15 years old / 31 - 32inch Bat Length: 12oz Hitting KnobTM
16 - 17 years old / 32 - 33inch bat length: 18oz Hitting KnobTM
17 years old & up / 33 - 34inch Bat Length: 26oz Hitting KnobTM

General guidelines for Softball:
9 - 12 years old / 28 - 32inch Bat Length: 8oz Hitting KnobTM
13 - 16 years old / 32 - 33inch Bat Length: 12oz Hitting KnobTM
17 years old & up / 33 - 34inch Bat Length:18oz Hitting KnobTM

Ideally, batter starts with weight that maintains proper swing form, and moves to the higher weight as strength increases while maintaining swing control.

What is the difference between the 8oz Youth Hitting KnobTM and the 8oz Hitting KnobTM?

The 8oz Youth Hitting KnobTM was designed to be easier for a youth player to attach and detach the Hitting KnobTM.

When should I use the Hitting KnobTM?

The Hitting KnobTM was designed to be used in every aspect of offensive training: On deck circle, Tee Work, Soft Toss, Batting Cage, and Live Pitching. Training you to drive the knob of the bat to the ball, while increasing muscle strength, swing speed & power.

Can the Hitting KnobTM be used on multiple bats?

Yes, the Hitting KnobTM has an easy on/off mechanism and has been designed to be used on any one of your bats.   Aluminum and wood bats have different designed Hitting Knob's specific for each.  Review product packaging to ensure correct purchase.

How do I know if the Hitting KnobTM will fit my Aluminum bat?  

The Hitting KnobTM is universal and is designed to be used on any aluminum bat.  

Can the Hitting KnobTM be used for softball?

Yes, both baseball and softball

What is your return policy?

30 day money back guarantee

Can you use the Hitting KnobTM in an official game

No. The Hitting KnobTM is only an offensive training aid used for on deck circle, tee work, soft toss, batting cage, and live pitching.

What is your warranty?

ONE year warranty. We will replace or repair any malfunctioning Hitting KnobTM under normal use and wear. Click here for Warranty details