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max power.
max bat speed.
maximize your swing.

The Hitting Knob is the best way to simulate the most authentic hitting experience while training. The Hitting Knob can be utilized during EVERY aspect of offensive softball or baseball training, including on-deck circle, tee work, soft toss, machine work, or live batting practice.

How to attach the Hitting Knob:

Step 1

Slide the bat into the knob

Step 2

Push the bat down firmly until the knob clicks

Step 3

Improve your swing

I've never come across another tool that is so easy to use and highly effective in developing sound-hitting mechanics.
-Eric chavez

"The Hitting Knob is a great tool to help develop and enhance a player's swing. I encourage players of all levels to give the Hitting Knob a try."
Bruce Bochy
Manager | Texas Rangers
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"I've been around the game of baseball my entire life and I've never come across a tool that is so easy to use and highly effective in developing sound-hitting mechanics. I wish I was able to use the Hitting Knob in my MLB days. There's truly nothing like it and I recommend players of all levels give it a try."
Eric Chavez
Hitting Coach | New York Mets
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"I was introduced to the Hitting Knob during spring training and it has become part of my everyday training routine. With the weight being on the knob of the bat, it consistently forces me to keep my hands inside the ball, which trains my swing to get on the right path early on and unload the barrel through the zone."
Christian Vázquez
Catcher | Houston Astros
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“The Hitting Knob has been huge in the development of our hitters. We regularly use the Hitting Knob to help hitters strengthen their swing and help feel the different adjustments to improve hitting mechanics. I haven’t seen anything that is as easy to use and effective as the Hitting Knob!”
JT Gasso
Hitting Coach | University of Oklahoma Softball
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"The Hitting Knob puts the weight in a place on a bat where it makes the hitter understand the feeling of the barrel releasing at the last second. To create that feeling with a product that is easily attached to your bat benefits our hitters tremendously. The fact that you can not only take dry swings but also use it for drills when the ball is in flight and have it feel right is something that I believe is a game changer. No other product out there like it!"
Brad Macelino,
Hitting Coach | USD Baseball