Why the Hitting Knob

The Hitting KnobTM will benefit players of all ages and playing levels both in baseball and softball.

  • Develops proper swing mechanics
  • Quickly increases bat speed and power
  • Trains the batter to swing the knob of the bat
  • Keeps hands inside the ball
  • Creates a whip-like motion in your swing
  • Allows bat to quickly get and stay in the zone
  • Keeps bat parallel to the swing zone
  • Promotes muscle memory and hand eye coordination
  • Quick and easy on/off application
  • Attaches to ALL aluminum bats

The Hitting KnobTM can be used in EVERY aspect of offensive softball or baseball training (i.e., on deck circle, tee work, soft toss and batting cage work); or, its most unique purpose, during live batting practice, which simulates the most authentic hitting experience. The body and mind react differently to a ball in motion (being delivered/pitched) opposed to a stationary ball (tee work).