What People Are Saying About the Hitting KnobTM

"The Hitting Knob puts the weight in a place on a bat where it makes the hitter understand the feeling of the barrel releasing at the last second. To create that feeling with a product that is easily attached to your bat benefits our hitters tremendously. The fact that you can not only take dry swings but also use it for drills when the ball is in flight and have it feel right is something that I believe is a game changer. No other product out there like it!"

- Brad Macelino, Hitting Coach | USD Baseball




"The physics of the Hitting Knob are very simple. Traditional barrel loaded swing weight products increase the moment of inertia, which decreases your bat speed. Weighting the knob end of the bat decreases the moment of inertia; therefore, your bat speed can be increased."

- Daniel C., Ph.D., P.E., Mechanical Engineering